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                    I have been training with Sifu Greg Pichardo for approximately 15 years and can say, unequivocally, he is the best Martial Arts instructor I have ever had. 

I have studied the traditional Martial Arts; Aikido, Judo,
Karate, and Tae Kwon Do. I have trained in modern Martial Arts , boxing, kickboxing,
Brazilian Ju Jitsu, and Krav Maga. I have also trained in hand to hand combat techniques designed for only military and law enforcement.  Greg Pichardo’s system is the most effective and complete then any of the others I have ever encountered. 

                  What separates Greg Pichardo from the rest of the instructors is his experience, education and incredible knowledge of the Arts. Simply stated, Greg is one of the most educated Martial Artists in the country and maybe even the world. This makes him extremely unique and highly effective teacher. He has knowledge of the systems that are applicable to a wide range of end users. Whether you a mixed martial artist, military personnel or a soccer mom. He has invaluable information to offer and transform your life. 

                He can tailor programs to anyone’s needs. For example if you are a police officer interested in learning weapon retention or disarms or just trying to protect yourself and your family in an increasingly uncertain time he will give you the skills to accomplish your goals. 

                I have trained with Greg Pichardo in every format; private lessons, class room, and seminars. I have benefited greatly in each of these individual  environments. After nearly a decade and a half, I always leave a training session awestruck. His breath of knowledge and ability to teach anyone, regardless of fitness and skill level, is without parallel.  

                I can also speak from a pragmatic standpoint. As an amateur boxer and kickboxer as well as a law enforcement officer I have utilized the skills, techniques, and strategies taught to me by Sifu Greg. 

These lessons has enabled me to survive the ring, cage and more importantly, the street. 

                                                                            Brian D.
                                                                      Law enforcement 


                 “Sifu Gregs combination of traditional martial arts with real world applications has been an absolute game changer for my family!  We have been able to enjoy the experience of learning about the rich history of several of the arts, but also how to adapt them to the modern day challenges and threats.  Sifu Greg’s classes have given us both confidence and discipline we need to feel comfortable and safe where the dangers we all face are constantly evolving.  We all look forward to every class! ”

                                                                                Chris L.

                                                                   CEO  Seafood Company

                   I started training with Sifu Greg 6 years ago because he was one of the few, if not only, instructors of Jeet Kune Do, Kali and Silat in New York City. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to witness and experience the skill and passion that he brings to teaching. Under his instruction, I not only learned the different techniques, approaches and philosophies of these arts but I also learned some of the history and culture that these arts grew from. He is dedicated to the growth of his students and this is in large part due to his genuine desire to share his knowledge in these arts. For anyone interested in learning JKD, Kali or Silat, I would recommend training under Sifu Greg.

Jeffery Hudson


                     I 've trained in martial arts over a decade. For six of those years I trained at PMMA with both Sifu Greg and Sifu Cass Magda. I came to PMMA with a background in Muay Thai, and jiu jit-su. After my first lesson it was clear to me that PMMA wasn't your average martial arts dojo. The main arts taught at PMMA are street fighting arts not the sport arts that are so often taught at most dojos. They won't earn you trophies but they just might save your life. For me this was crucial in my decision to train at PMMA. As a man with a military background I fully understand and appreciate a dojo that teaches street skills and focuses on both offense and defense. Self defense evading and countering of violence is a skill that should be paramount. Yet too few dojos focus on street defense. Often preferring points and exhibitions to genine fighting skills. For me training at PMMA honed my skills and took me to a level, past dojos couldn't match. 


                    For those of you looking to train to enter the arena don't despair, there's a place for you at PMMA. Sifu Greg can teach Muay Thai, Brazilian jiu jit-su, Shootfighting, Sambo, Savate, Wing Chun, Boxing and general self defense. Simply stated,there is something for everyone at PMMA. This alone sets PMMA apart but there is more. It's Sifu Greg he's spent much of his adult life training and teaching martial arts. He offers classes and private lessons and what's important is he will not only teach you, Sifu Greg will listen to you. Unlike many dojos that insist on blindly following a curriculum, Sifu Greg will take into account your age, health, and your concerns. He will if need be work to give you what you need to excel, learn skills and achieve whatever goals you want to achieve. 


                  Anyone searching for a dojo or seeking private lessons in state of the art martial arts will want to check out PMMA. I'm confident that you'll agree that PMMA /Sifu Greg is the only place you'll want to be. 


                                                                    C. Dionysios Dionou

                                                                   U.S. Air Force Officer 

              Thank you so much for the incredible training experience you provided us at your seminar .  We know how busy your lives are and are so grateful you were able to dedicate so much time to us. It was a fantastic experience.  We all learned so much!
   Sifu Greg- your ability to clearly instruct and show patience and understanding is a tremendous talent.  Your knowledge is vast and your ability to communicate effectively for beginners like us is world class.  We are extremely grateful for having the opportunity to be trained by you and your staff, who are equally patient and knowledgeable.  

John C


               "I consider it an honor and a privilege to have trained under SIFU GREG PICHARDO.

SIFU GREG has been as much an inspiration to me in my personal life as in my pursuit of martial arts....He has been a great teacher as well as a great friend


              His knowledge is second to none.. SIFU GREG is largely responsible for my having the confidence and foundation to continue my journey....I would pray my children could be blessed with such a great instructor.”. 


Christopher S


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