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The Arts 

Sifu/Guru Greg Pichardo and Phoenix Martial Arts  goal is to provide the highest quality in Martial Arts training. Our mission is to help a student to reach their ultimate potential.

We accomplish this through the Arts of Jeet June Do, Kali, Muay Thai and Silat. While these are the main Arts in our curriculum we do not limit ourselves to these specific styles, using all of our experience in Martial Arts we blend our knowledge to bring our students unique style of training using teachings of Savate , BJJ, Wing Chun and other well developed systems.

Buka Jalan Pentjak Silat

Known as PENTJAK SILAT in Indonesia and BERSILAT in Malaysia, the difference between these two arts are subtle. There are over 250 styles commonly practiced in and throughout Indonesia and Malaysia. Both arts involve various complex and intricate empty hand and foot maneuvers, clever and unique multiple joint locking, sweeping and throwing manipulations. These arts form an important portion of the intermediate and advanced levels taught at the Phoenix Martial Arts

Jeet Kune Do

The JUN FAN MARTIAL ARTS is a compilation of training methods, attitudes, philosophies, combat techniques and concepts conceived, researched and compiled by the late Bruce Lee (LEE JUN FAN) until 1973. It was from this that JEET KUNE DO eventually evolved. Bruce Lee researched and incorporated kicking methods from northern and southern Gung Fu systems, French Savate and Thai Boxing. He incorporated his hand methods from Wing Chun, Western Boxing, various Gung Fu systems and Western Fencing Grappling, locking and throwing are also integral parts of the JUN FAN METHOD. The JUN FAN METHOD is considered to be the explosive precursor to a JKD understanding; or, in other words, the base from which we work towards totality in personal combat. 


The art of the Philippines is as diverse as the islands themselves, encompassing over 7,000 of them within the archipelago with over 87 major languages spoken.  Encompassing an entire spectrum of weaponry and also featuring sophisticated empty hand concepts, this highly efficient, deadly and combat-proven art enabled the southern Philippines to remain unconquered for almost 400 years. The weaponry and empty hand are taught together; the principles being common to both and interchangeable. Regardless of whether armed or unarmed, the student learns to relate to any situation using the same concepts of body angling, positioning, zoning, and flowing with the opponent. Depending upon speed, footwork and skill rather than brute strength, this fluid, practical method of self-defense is one of the most comprehensive martial arts systems known.

Muay Thai

Called the science of the eight limbs (hands, elbows, feet, knees), Muay Thai is considered to be one of the most devastating martial arts in the world today. Practiced originally as military training and now as a brutal sport (it is the national sport of Thailand). The training methods are so rigorous and so demanding that the Dallas Cowboys have incorporated some of them into their regular training program.

Phoenix Martial Arts was established in 2000 and quickly became one of the most sought after schools in New York.  Since then there has  been many changes as we moved to expand and reach more people while adding exceptionally qualified instructors.  We are always in the pursuit of excellence as we continue to improve and grow each and every day.
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